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From Pain to Love 

My Heart Belongs to Him

From Pain

to Love

Born with a story to tell, Destiny Monique Crawford searches for love in all the wrong people. Unwanted at birth, Destiny is reared by her maternal grandmother, Honey. With a strict upbringing that included church, church, and more church, Destiny explores the world on her own terms once she turns eighteen. 

In desperate search of love and acceptance, Destiny often lands in the arms and the beds of her many male suitors. But when she meets the charming, David Falls, Destiny believes that she’s met her Knight in Shining Armor. After all, he was one of two men Destiny believes ever cared anything about her. Tangled in a twisted web with a longtime male suitor, Ziek Wallace, a tall handsome street hustler, Destiny learns the hard way that “the streets” are no place for a church girl. 


In the quest to navigate her way through a toxic marriage and come to terms with the devastating consequences of her past that have finally caught up to her, Destiny must find the love and courage within to create her own self-image, one that is not blemished by the failures of her past. Is she up for the challenge or will she give up and give in? The answer dwells inside the pages of this must read!

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In the Press

From Pain to Love is the debut novel of Detroit native, Kea Simone. The book tells the story of a young girl’s life through varying stages. Author Kea Simone knows this girl-turned-woman all too well. She’s seen her in the streets, at the grocery store, in the pew at church, and even in the pulpit. But most vividly, she’s seen her in the mirror. 

With a life that parallels that of her main character, Destiny Crawford, Author Kea Simone takes on the challenge to show how the pain of the past can position any emotionally and physically abused person to reach their destiny. There is no wonder she named her man character by that very name—Destiny. 

Kea asserts that there is no failure in failure; there’s only growth and reward, if we choose to view our pain from a different vantage point. Packed with drama, suspense, and a little romance, From Pain to Love is a wonderfully-told literary treasure. 



Author Kea Simone is a lifelong resident of Detroit, Michigan who loves fashion, interior design, and writing. Her love of writing stemmed from journaling as a teen, as it was an escape from some of her life’s greatest challenges. 

When not working or taking on freelance projects, Kea enjoys traveling, spending time with her god-children, watching a good flick, or simply kicking her feet up to read a good book.


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    May 30, 2020, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    The Emerald Room, 23795 Van Dyke Ave, Center Line, MI 48015, USA


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